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My name is Bryann Andrea

The Blossoming Woman

Born in Minnesota, Bryann Andrea’s story of blossoming caught the nation’s attention in 2017. Since then she’s become a women’s empowerment powerhouse. Bryann’s untold story of overcoming some of the traumatic experiences in her women’s journey is what motivated her to write “The Blossoming Woman”. She recognizes a need for creating spaces that allow women to not just survive, but thrive by using their truth. Bryann’s goal as a philanthropist and branding maven is to create platforms that encourage all women to navigate their personal and professional careers with authenticity at the forefront.

Though the hardships of her early life stood as a formidable obstacle to her graduating high school, Bryann not only graduated, but received a scholarship to attend Shaw University.

There, she was given a chance to discover herself outside the bounds of her past. She planted seeds that bloomed into her decorated collegiate career as a highly respected student, athlete, entrepreneur, and advocate. In 2016 she graduated with her BA in Business Administration. Under the Obama administration, Bryann became the first student from Shaw University to be an ambassador for the Historical Black Colleges and Universities White House Initiatives (HBCU WHI).

She later became the Public Relations Director for the HBCU WHI Alumni Association, where she begin specializing in branding. That led to her current career as a sales representative within a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company.

So, it’s with honesty that Bryann admits to having stumbled upon her writing career. The more she grew as an entrepreneur, advocate, woman, and child of God, she realized her stories were not just for her. She felt a responsibility to help others plant seeds of truth, nurture their growth, and bloom. Bryann would share pieces of her journey across social media platforms where hundreds of women responded with gratitude because they too were growing through it. Since then, Bryann’s literary work shed’s light on loving oneself and using your story to teach, connect, and empower.

“The Blossoming Woman” novel/book will be the foundation in a new age of women’s empowerment that encourages all women to own their truth and use it to advance in their personal and professional careers.